Meatball’s Surgery – 4/1/19

On the first day of April, we were contacted by an independent cat rescuer desperately seeking funding for an owned cat in need.


Marie, an older woman in poor health and living on a limited fixed income, reached out to this rescuer, Sarah, with the hope that Sarah could help Marie get veterinary care for her cat, “Meatball”.  Sarah knew the severity of Meatball’s condition but still was not able to secure enough funding for the consult/surgery with a respected veterinarian who deeply discounted his pricing to help this cat. That’s when she reached out to the Dotty Fund with a plea for assistance.  When we learned Marie’s story and saw Meatball’s photos, there was no way we could say ‘no’.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to make up the difference Sarah needed to help Marie get Meatball treatment by the vet. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and although there was not enough funding to send it out for biopsying, reportedly Meatball is doing fine – AND still living at home with his beloved owner.

Isn’t that what counts most?


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