DIY Beach Glass – 7/18/19

If you missed our Simple Little Detail DIY Beach Glass Fundraiser at The Meetball Place in Farmingdale last week, here’s a recap:

The evening began with many attendees enjoying dinner before proceeding upstairs to the area where we would create our masterpieces. Raffle tickets were purchased and door prize entries were given to everyone as they entered. When all were seated, instructions were given by the Simple Little Detail hostesses before letting us loose.

Our first task was to select the elements that we would use to create our piece — boy, there was so much to choose from — different colors and shapes of glass, shells, starfish and other things you might find on a beach.

Once we put the final touches on, we admired each others’ work, and then safely transported our pieces home (making sure to keep them flat for 24 hours until they had fully set).

We hope you enjoy the pictures! As you will see, everyone created something different and had their own interpretation of what beach glass art should look like. We’re sure you’ll agree that these will look great hanging in a window with sunlight shining through.

Thank you to everyone from Simple Little Detail, and an extra-special thank to you to all those who attended to help make this event a rousing success.


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