Endings are as sacred as beginnings – 8/10/18

Hi All,

It is sad news that I bring to you today. Victor, one of the dogs that we have been taking care of for years, is close to his end time. His Mom, who saved him when no one else would and has cared for him faithfully through some very tough times, has no money. I promised her that the Dotty Fund would pay for his euthanasia and cremation, when the time comes. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has long.

As of late, the Dotty Fund has paid for several spay/neuters, portions of surgeries and lots of miscellaneous medical care. We have not been able to have any fundraisers and consequently, our funds are very low. I am asking for your help in keeping my promise to Victor and his Mom. I think we need to raise about 500.00. If you are able to help, please make checks payable to the Dotty Fund with a note that the donation is for Victor.

Mailing address:

c/o Jane Barbato
69 Melville Road
Huntington Station, NY  11746

If paying through Paypal, please also notate that the funds are for Victor.

Endings are just as sacred as beginnings. I want to give Victor and his Mom the best of endings. Thank you for your time and your generosity, which never ceases to amaze me.


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